Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens is a must see for nature lovers and historian enthusiasts alike. Entrance is free. It is only a short drive from Sunraysia Resort Mildura. Heritage buildings, nature walks, and stunning gardens make for a lovely and fascinating outing. This is sure to appeal to ages. Get out into the fresh air and wander the native gardens. The nature walk will take you through native shrubs, bushes and trees. A highlight is the WOW tree. The oldest Mallee Tree in the Gardens. It is estimated to be 2,500 years old!

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Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

As you wander through the gardens, you will discover The Seed Pod Ceiling. A unique work of art. A creation of the botanic gardens. Seed pods collected by volunteers and meticulously affixed the artwork to the ceiling. You will be amazed at the level of detail and skilful work.

Peaka Homestead

The gardens are home to several heritage buildings. The Peaka Homestead is one to see. Originally located on Pooncarie station, 140kms from Mildura, it is rich in history. Its Murray Pine drop log walls is believed to be built in the mid-1800s. The homestead was gifted to the Gardens. After reconstruction, the interior of the building was upgraded to include a modernised kitchen that provides catering facilities for functions in the adjacent Magenta Woolshed. The Gardens offer venue hire and has been the backdrop to weddings, conferences and many other events. There is a Bush Chapel, a rose garden and many other splendid features.

Home to the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens is the Magenta Woolshed. It was originally located on Magenta Station in Balranald. It was built according to available records, in the mid-19th century. Early records indicate that Magenta Station was owned by a prominent sheep farming family. After changing hands many times, the building was eventually gifted to the Gardens.

The Garnpang Homestead

The Garnpang Homestead is also a must-see feature. Originally on the Garnpang Station 150kms North of Mildura, the homestead was planned to be demolished. The Gardens identified the potential of this 1870s pine “drop log” homestead as adding heritage value to the Gardens. When it was gifted to the gardens, it was dismantled, relocated and rebuilt in the early 1990’s. The Garnpang Homestead currently functions as the Gift & Coffee Shop.

A tractor train tour is available at select times. It is an educational tour that will both inform and delight. There is also a children’s garden that will keep the littles busy and entertained! Such an outing would not be complete without relaxing in the garden’s coffee shop. Yummy snacks and beverages are on offer to enjoy. Enjoy an ice cream in the summer months. The gift shop supports local artists and features paintings and other handcrafted creations that showcase local talent, for purchase.

So next time you are a guest at Sunraysia Resort Mildura, the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens could be the perfect outing to add to your trip. To find out more, visit

Australian Inland Botanic Gardens
1183 River Road
Mourquong NSW 2739

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