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Mungo National Park located within The Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage National Park. The Murray Riverina region is one of the worlds amazing natural treasures.

Desert colours at Mungo National Park

Many millions of years ago the earths movements created the Murray Basin, where the Willandra lakes lie today. Aboriginal people have been walking its sacred grounds since the Dreamtime. Artefacts of this ancient culture, dating back over 45,000 years, being found. These discoveries make Mungo National Park one of the oldest places outside of Africa to have been occupied by modern humans since ancient times.

How to explore Mungo National Park

Now, how does one explore this magical place? Well, an award-winning Mungo Aboriginal Discovery Tour is a great place to start. The Tour guides are rangers of the three tribal groups from The Willandra Lakes region.

Walking with these knowledgeable tour guides will give you such a great understanding of the history of the area. As well as getting special access privileges. The cultural experience you will receive will be nothing short of amazing. With access to The Walls of China only being available to those on a guided tour. The driving component of this tour will be undertaken in the comfort of your own vehicle, following the tour guides vehicle.

Mungo National Park is open all year round, but on occasion may have to close due to poor weather or road closures. Park entry fees are only $8.00. Payable to the Mungo Visitor Centre. For information on the guided tour or vehicular costs, please contact the Mungo National Park office. Their numner is 03 5021 8900 or visit their website.

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